Licensed Soul Therapist® Training
Create Monthly goals with charted activity that provide clarity to attaining these goals by embracing a co-creative experience working with your deepest core desires. You will move into a powerful place in your life, healing relationships, past conditioning, forgiving traumatic and painful experiences. You will be given tools to creating healthy boundaries with family, clients, friends and experience a level of integrity that empowers you. Your Licensed Soul Therapist Training will give you a solid awareness and actionable steps to create powerful results in relationships, self love and trust, personal integrity, honesty, emotional well being, mental clarity and focus, independence and confidence in your own life and your clients. You will be provided with your Soul Therapist Manual in your 6th month of training to use as your procedure and operations manual for your business and with clients.

The #39 Fire – Physical Body is for you if:
– You recognize it’s time to go deeper into your work as a healer, coach, holistic practitioner, therapist, lightworker & agent of change. You want to lead with your heart!
– You are looking for the tools,techniques and methods of how to bring clients into a sacred space of deep healing, rapid transformation to clear their past patterning with effective long term results (and yours)
– You want to surround yourself with a community of like minded and open hearted women from around the world?
– You are tired of doing it alone and want support
– You desire to have a teacher who will align you to your Souls Purpose and guarantee results.
– You crave spiritual connection
– You thrive when assisting others to breakthrough past conditioning such as: abusive behaviors, judgmental thought patterns, toxic relationships, unhealthy self esteem issues, self sabotaging behaviors and lack of self love.


What you have been told and taught about history is not the true story of humanity, how we came to be and why our connection to the universe is so evasive and expansive. There are clues left all over the planet with megalithic and ancient stone sites wtih pyramids and underwater cities that leave the spirit in unrest as the mind boggles at the ancient technlogy that cannot be replicated with today’s instruments. In this module training you will come to understand your ancient past in revealing Earth stories that are from 100,000’s of years ago.

Do you believe we are the only intelligent species on this planet, or in this Universe? What you were taught about human evolution in school is not the full truth, nor does it come close to what is the truth. We are cosmic beings living on one planet amongst billions of galaxies and unlimited Universes that parallel and unify with our own. During this module training Deborah Skye will share with you what history and herstory share as common themes, yet giving you direct correlations to what our ancestors left on this planet to direct us into discovering our own cosmology and origins as a humanity. We are not the first set of human beings to exists on this Earth and we will not be the last. Riveting evidence will be shown to you throughout this training of ancient technologies and our sacred past.

The foundation of Soul Therapy School® is understanding your human condition and how others interact wtih you in their own conditioned state. Most women shift drastically after this one module training grasping at a deeper awareness of why they experience their world, relationships, finances, sex lives and family dynamics the way that they do. It is a powerful training to understand and regulate your conscious interactions instead of your past subjective reactions. During this module training you will be aske to answer specific questions that will lead you down the rabbit hole of your past existence clearing the way for a new method of perception that will have you observing your world in a much more aligned and conscious way than every before.

Earth is a living, breathing, moving, ecstatic energetic being. She has feelings, temperments and expressions that are felt throughout her eco-system. Our planet is alive and conscious, you will know this after this training module exactly why you feel a certain way, how deep your awareness plunges into the bio-rythm of Earth’s frequencies and how magnetics play a distinct role in unveiling your emotional and mental state of well being. During this module training you will see into Earth with a whole new set of eyes as Deborah Skye maps out for you specific correlations to Earth’s energy body and your own energetic state. Most come away from this training grounded with a deep respect and reverence to our planet.

#39 Fire Physical Body translates into you the trainee as a Soul Therapist® to undergo an intiation of your own. Moving through each of the 5 bodies allows this intiation to complete at each step of the way to decode your conditioning and awaken your spiritual power. Your emotional body is the foundation of all other bodies, it houses the physical realm and fire, the cauldron of where transformation takes place in the material world. In this module you will learn how the emotional and physical body are the most potent of all when working in harmony together they orchastrate all other bodies. Sit back and take this one in as you will be recieving a fire intiiaton as we go through this module, Deborah Skye will be working directly within your DNA to transmute ancient codes and to awaken your emotional body to her most harmonious self.

Earth is sacred, uncondtional in her giving. She houses your soul journey as you participate in your own story and spiritual evolution while you are here in the physical. You will learn what honoring the Earth temple is and how that relates to your own physical body. You will be taught how to participate in sacred ceremony to empower every aspect of your life, clearing your mindchatter, grounding your physical body, healing emotional chords, redesigning spiritual contracts that are from other lifetimes and no longer serve you along with aligning your soul destiny with the one you are living today.

The mental body consist of all past input, collectively and unconsciously, from society and past generations. How your mental body exists in mental patterns that are not your own is discussed in detail. In this module training, you realize the amount of mind chatter, self judgements, insecurities and false beleifs that are true and those that are not true to you. Releasing the mental body from dysfunctional and distractive energies is the core topic in training. Getting supremely clear on what is your thoughts, who are the others who infringe their judgements and beliefs upon yours and how to rid yourself from ever having to experience a violation from another person or idea that is not inherently your own is practiced, taught and shown in this module.

Chakras are energetic pathways that regulate your feelings, thoughts, actions and reactions. They are the undercurrent of all of your experiences stored inside an invisible wheel that spins when healthy and drags when not. Each chakra speaks to a particular orgran, gland and emotion that resides in and out of your physical body, these chakras can be worked with to heal, accelerate and transmute unhealed energy to be discharged from your system. Realizing where you leak energy and create energetic pathways both emotionally and mentally to allow dysfunctional energies into your field will be taught in detail. Healthy boundaries are a must to lead a productive and healthy life and as a Soul Therapist®.

The vibrancy in which your body exemplifies determines the state of how much energy you can retain within your physical body. Each body and organ correlated to the next and interchanges when necessary, the physical body relies on your emotional and mental health along with your spiritual connection to be strong and charged. In this module you will learn what your body needs as each person is unqiue, in how you recieve and digest energy and information. You will learn what technques are beneficial to your physical endurance, what factors consistently will benefit you and create an extremely healthy space for you to enjoy the physical realm and embody your spirit. Your physical body is the temple to house your spiritual self along with sharing your emotional vortex and mental expression and expereinces. You will be given an outline on how to treat her well.

One of Deborah Skye’s favorite topics is our children and the evolutionary state of humanity. Years ago it was seen that in future generations a new child would be birthed, knowing and wise, understanding the ways of the Earth and how to experience her greatness. That child is here today. At Soul Therapy School® women go through an initiation of the heart, mind, body and spirit to remove layers of past conditioning, generational imprints and societal limitations that restrict her from thinking, doing, being and seeing the world through her own lens. Instead it’s a filter of many. Today’s child does not want nor desire to listen to past patterns that are dysfunctional and do not honor who they are as a SOUL. Children’s wisdom is deep and powerful, when a mother learns to hear into the heart of her child, she evolves not only her own conditioning but creates a firm and solid foundation for healthy boundaries within her children. Learning how to be with today’s evolutionary child is explored in depth during this module training. You will come away knowing deep within your heart that our future is a whole other landscape from what is has been for taught throughout millenia.

The unseen spiritual body that is discarded by so many as not being important, shooed away by society as dismissive and not necessary. Fact is, without your spiritual body, you’d die. It IS what houses your entrie matrix of being, allowing you to breath, think, love, walk, eat, sleep and transcend time and space. It is here where we grow the deepest in yearning for connection and dispelling the myths of collectively contracting our species to experiencing and unconsious state of being and doing on this planet. In this module you will learn that there are many more realities than what you currently think or feel or have read and how to operate joyfully, to attain freedom in this lifetime.

This method of mapping is for Soul Therapist® who have gone through all four bodies in understanding how they operate, released their own conditioning and embodied their teachings. You will undergo your own mapping session during this training, realizing the potential of the human experience.

Operating at a higher functioning level beyond all Earthly senses is our Soul body, this ethreal space of knowledge, wisdom and unlimited expression from lifetimes, planets, galaxies and Universes. The Soul has profound transfigurative energies that compell most human beings from doing and being in the world that is illogical, spontaneous and seen as out of the ordinary, and so it shoud be. The Soul body is the director of all lifetimes, stories and novellas that we have decided to partake in to experience lessons that are seeking healing, release, forgiveness, liberation, activation and completion. In this module training you will learn how your soul body operates to activate it’s own coding to exemplify the destiny that you chose prior to incarnating. It’s a facinating training!

Helping people with past conditioning eliminates repeating behaviors that are unproductive to overall growth. Future Progression of the Soul eliminates the roadblocks that the subconscious mind projects into current day experiences and replaces it with clearly defining the energy of your Soul to manifest now from your future. Most people focus on what is not happening, what has happened and what will be repeated due to it already taking place in the past, these are unconscious behaviors setting you up for recurring dramas and lessons to unfold.

In this module Deborah Skye will share with you how you can harness the power of future progression for your soul and enable your future self to powerfully express herself in the here and now. Your Soul knows exactly what will benefit you and what steps are needed to create the most beneficial outcome possible. You will be provided with a guided medication to understand what your future progression of your soul is.

The effects of fear can be felt, seen and experienced through 72 different expressions that are outlined in this module training. Gaining a clear understanding of how fear shows up in the myriad of ways that most people would deem normal behavior exposes the truth of why certain behavior patterns become common ground for most people and are accepted as ‘normal’. During this training module Soul Therapeutics™ is covered in detail outlining how your clients will expose certain patterns that can be realigned and focused on healthy goal setting towards directing ones energy and intentions with ones purpose.

Earth has housed many species beyond just what we know today in our human form. Ancient technologies attest to this with carvings of petroglyph’s around the world and megalithic structures dating back millennia. What do these ancient technologies have for us to learn from? In this module Deborah Skye will share how the earth elements and ancient technologies support us in many ways to learn, evolve, connect and experience compassion and unity. There will be an exercise in this training module to give you the advantage to learn first hand how the elements communicate with you.

A distinct way of communication is through the morphogenetic field, at the substrate of your cellular intelligence via one species to another. That being plant, insect, animal or human beings, all are intelligent creatures that resonate and respond to cellular mutation via the conductor of fields that offset ranges or temporal dispositions.

In module 17 Deborah Skye will share how Earth is in a resonance frequency that has it’s own morphogenetic field and how your body, blood, organs, mind and all aspects of your environment play a key role in your physical health and intelligence. You will be given a specific task to do in this module to engage with the morphogenetic field.

Your bloodline has a very distinct spiritual. physical, emotional and mental blueprint. Your grandparents and great-great-grandparents set the stage for you earthly life. Becoming conscious of what is patterned into your genetic lineage frees you from the imprinting that can continue at at subconscious level operating in a regurgitation of conditioning has very little benefits.

Your children do not want to inherent your dysfunctions and blocks, I am sure you do not want to pass them onto your next of kin and the future generations either. Being unconscious of what imprinting has taken place and what is still running the show is extremely liberating and freeing. It also allows your children to experience a part of you that is new and fresh to their growth and upbringing.

Deborah Skye will be conducting a specific healing during this training to work with you directly to become aware of the core conditioning in your bloodline that is not supporting your spiritual growth in this lifetime.

Your bio-dynamic energy field is a compilation of different levels that interact with one another, they are seen and unseen to the trained eye and seers of healing. Deborah Skye was given the teachings of how to operate and heal at this level with her clients who have come from all over the world to personally work with her to receive the benefits of this particular work.

In this last module you will be in a state of inner calm, peaceful mind, open heart and elevated to a level of vibration most would call suspended ecstasy. Your body will begin to vibrate and shift while you energy field begins to sync with the Earth’s magnetic field opening up the right and left hemispheres to sync into a cyclic rhythm creating a bridge from you inner world into your outer world of sense.

Benefits of this is having your body, mind and spirit in alignment with one another and being in flow to natures cycles, planetary oscillations and cosmic frequencies. Heightened awareness with grounded perspective is the gift received.

Balancing Your Energy Field

Each and every day you are being affected by everything in your environment, your thoughts, emotions and intake from media blasting in your face everywhere you turn. Women seek balance more than men, because we know it can be attained. Balance is not the perfected idea you see on TV or in a movie, but balance to how you desire to operate and equalize your special needs and desires in your world. Children, partner, lover, career, business, health, self-love, reading, exploring, travel, maintenance, enjoyment and practical aspects of life all can feel at peace with one another if you know how to balance your energy field. In this video training, Deborah Skye will demonstrate to you and ask you to join in the steps necessary to take to use this teaching method of balancing your energy field. This one teaching can be the resource that you have been looking for to keep your sanity and ground yourself back into your body and heart.

Optimizing Spatial Awareness

You will learn in this teaching video how to become aware of your surroundings by enabling you to see and observe into many different dimensional fields so that you can understand how the unseen world operates and communicates. In this video you will be shown a demonstration of how spatial awareness operates on a spiritual level to enhance your higher senes to work for you and your clients. Optimizing ones relationship to cognitive behaviors will give you the advantage to show up for your clients in a very effective way delegating and targeting the core issues that range in temperment to your clients well being.

Being Present To Your Story

Clarity of your story is liberating. In this video you will learn three types of stories that create, sabotage and destroy one’s ability to take responsibility for one’s life. How to manifest a new story out of an old one with your clients and of course, yourself by using the tools you have already learned in prior trainings. This is where you become the student observing oneself to gather information, watch objectively on how you operate and where you operate from. Each Soul Therapist® Bodies is reviewed and then shown how to remove the chords of conditioning to elevate, expand and recreate a new story based on today’s reality. Very powerful teaching tool.

Clarity In Dynamic Healing Methods

Understanding how energy manages itself and operates within dynamic levels will enable you to utilize the Soul Therapist® Spirit + Soul Bodies. In this video you will learn how to differentiate between each body that you learn of in #39 to enable you to use methods taught within your training modules to put into practice the dynamic healing methods. Instructions and demonstration will be exemplified in this video.

Evolutionary Education Explorations

Presenting an array of different levels of Evolutionary Education that Soul Therapist® can merge within their practice and offer to their clients and to their children. You will be presented in this video different ways EES can be applied with today’s child, parent and individual who is seeking resolution and alignment with one’s soul calling. There are five distinct areas in one’s life EES can be applied to enhance one’s overall well being and have clarity of focus to enable each other to live healthy and whole lifestyles. This video will explore these practices and the deliberate actions that can be implemented right away in your life and to help support your clients.

Advancing Your Telepathic Range

Sensory viewing will be taught with exact detail on how to operate from one’s telepathic range. This video will teach you the steps in expanding one’s telepathic range, how and when to use it and how to observe one’s range to operate in multiple locations simultaneously. Being able to open one’s third eye and the pineal gland will be explored in detail along with simple yet deeply transformational methods of inducing one’s third eye to be active and assist your abilities to see into the unseen. This can help you in a myriad of ways with your clients and personal life. Discernment is taught and code of conduct is outlined during this video training.

Grounding Earth Medicine

Learn how to ground Earth medicine. What are the properties and corresponding elements that assist in harnessing this powerful tool of physical manifestation, health and mental clarity. In this video, Deborah Skye will demonstrate to you what specific methods and tools you can use that are freely available to you to enable the geomagnetic force that surrounds your energy field.

Future Envisioning Technique

The Future Envisioning Technique™ was created years ago and is used by the Soul Therapist® to assist their clients in harnessing a potential future by creating a specific energetic matrix to their core desires. You will be taught in this video how to use this on yourself, with your children, (this is extremely healing for children who have self worth -identifying issues) and with your clients. Two case studies will be demonstrated to show you how effective and healthy this technique is, giving you the opportunity as a Soul Therapist® to use it right away in your practice.

Soul Therapy School® Program Levels

13 Earth Emotional Body

For women who are stuck and want to get clear on why and then move beyond feeling and experiencing this emotional and mental baggage feeling empty and lacking focus on purpose.

You will learn to recognize your challenges in life and not be a victim to them, but see in a powerful way the lessons contained within them so you can release painful situations from the past and present.

26 Air Mental Body

Harness your desires into the world and release past behaviors by powerfully creating your inner world of possible dreams. Each month, you will receive your Soul Therapist® Sessions that will shift your inner desires to creating a safe and clear pathway to actualizing your inner gifts of spirituality to manifest in the world around you.

You will be provided with powerful Soul Therapist® Coaching calls to move you past your core fears and connect to your truth. You will receive a Spiritual Transformation Blueprint to provide support to move you beyond past patterns in a powerful way. You want to know your Souls Purpose and live your life connected to your truth but don’t know how.

In the 26 Air Mental Body, you will learn how to do exactly this.

39 Fire Physical Body: Licensed Soul Therapist® Training

Create Monthly goals with charted activity that provide clarity to attaining these goals by embracing a co-creative experience working with your deepest core desires. You will move into a powerful place in your life, healing relationships, past conditioning, forgiving traumatic and painful experiences. You will be given tools to creating healthy boundaries with family, clients, friends and experience a level of integrity that empowers you.

Your Licensed Soul Therapist® Training will give you a solid awareness and actionable steps to create powerful results in relationships, self love and trust, personal integrity, honesty, emotional well being, mental clarity and focus, independence and confidence in your own life and your clients.

You will be provided with your Soul Therapist® Manual to use as your? ?procedure and operations manual for your business and with clients.

52 Water Spirit & Soul Body: Master Licensing Soul Therapist®

Facilitate Soul Therapist® Coaching Calls with Earth + Air level students as part of your Master Licensing Training, once you are qualified as a Licensed Soul Therapist®. You will be stepping into your powerful Self and share this with the world, confidently and courageously. Embrace your fullest potential with a powerful support team while creating a micro lab of incredible manifestations that feed your Soul Purpose.

You receive all program levels included with your Master Level along with being featured at Soul Therapy School®.


Emotional Body


Mental Body


Physical Body


Spirit+Soul Body