Deborah Skye King

Deborah Skye King is the leading authority on Soul Therapy, CEO + Founder of Soul Therapy School® and creator of Courageous Souls Women’s Global Initiative.

She is a bestselling author She leads Sacred Soul Renewal Retreats for Women to exotic and culturally rich locations around the world, dedicated to empowering women who are seeking to live a spiritually rich lifestyle.

Her mission is to eradicate fear and suffering in the human condition by spiritually awakening women to their soul’s destiny.

Deborah Skye teaches Evolutionary Education at Soul Therapy School® for women and their children to be fully expressed in their Spiritual Gifts to the world.

Deborah Skye King

Welcome to Soul Therapy School® You’re here because you looking for a new way of being, experiencing life from the heart of your Soul and providing a deeper connection to your purpose in life. You want to harness the power from within yourself and provide a sustainable solution to your inconsistent emotions, thoughts and actions. Your tired of doing it the old way, it doesn’t work. You know this because it’s become too obvious at this point to continue to blame outside circumstances. You’re the common denominator of your life and your success.

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Soul Therapy School® presents a brand new way of empowering women through evolutionary education for the Soul, sacred retreats, live VIP immersion weekends, online trainings, group global online gatherings and the highest quality Soul Therapist® client care coaching calls.

You are here today because ready to take the next step in your evolutionary development, embodying your Spiritual gifts, live your purpose and understand how to have a successful and rich lifestyle based on your desires during these powerful and transformational times as our planet shifts into her own New Earth Energies. Our transformation helps her evolve as we lighten the load of past conditioning and awaken our minds to a new landscape of what we truly desire to manifest in our world.

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If you haven’t met Deborah Skye in person yet, I can tell you she changes the quality of light in a room. She makes the air feel different. She has a presence that is at once grounding and ethereal. Soft and striking. I have never met a person like her. And, somehow, I feel these very same things when we connect online. The lady’s got that kind of force! That she’s applying it to this profound work can only make it the stuff of life-changing.

Carrie Klassen,

Deborah Skye is a strong force for women’s empowerment. She’s warm, engaging, and exceptionally insightful. Her adventurous retreats allow a unique level of immersion for women who yearn for personal breakthrough.
Deborah Skye is an incredible Spiritual Guide. She is able to zone in instantly on what is really happening beneath the surface and bring it to light. She instigates huge transformations by guiding your Spirit to the leadership position.
Laura Hollick,
Deborah Skye is a treasure. She lives in that place of magic, where heart, spirit and dreams combine to transform lives. Her lively, expressive soul truly finds expression in enabling others to appreciate and live their own personal destinies, sharing their gifts with the world.
Chris McKillop
Deborah Skye inspires me to put feathers in my hair, and share my deepest fears and wildest dreams, to speak my truth in love and beauty and to open my heart to the wisdom of the Earth until I melt in the ground.
Skye is a healers healer, and a teacher’s teacher: passionate, insightful and spiritually intelligent. She has a revolutionary approach to alignment to your core purpose in life that has changed the lives of many women entrepreneurs, including my own.
Dorris Burch,
Being in the energy of Deborah Skye is indescribable. Not only is she brilliant at the spiritual, but she is a genius at business. I love her and my life is better for knowing her.
Lindsay Wilson,
Deborah Skye has a presence and energy that speaks for itself. She brings a combination of super grounded actionable advice, and very deeply connected heart-centered wisdom. She can tap into the heart of the matter in a split second, and she’s able to deliver on point every time. I love being around her, she exudes such a fun energy while being aware of the serious impact of the work that she does.
Nathalie Lussier,
Skye is one of the rare women that has co-joined entrepreneurial pursuits, while remaining all woman, adding in her spiritual truth and spinning it all off with cutting edge marketing strategies. Frankly there is NO other woman quite like Skye. She is the next generation of what the feminine looks, feels, and think likes in 2012 and beyond. Skye is paving the way for thousands of other strong, sexy, classy, and spiritual women to follow. I deeply respect, admire and applaud what Skye is up to and will continue to learn from her.
KD Churchill
I adore everything about Deborah Skye and what she stands for. She radiates goodness and shines in her light as a powerful woman and entrepreneur. I have personally known and followed her on her journey of entrepreneurialism and spiritual awareness for several years now and am completely inspired by what she has accomplished and given to those that come into contact with her. The more woman can empower each other the greater this world will be. Thank you Deborah.
Skye is a truly feminine entrepreneur successfully leading from her heart in a market-space dominated by masculine energy. What impresses me most is her capacity to transmit love through her work, and to receive abundance in proportion to her give-away, rather than staking a claim and demanding the universe meet her demands. She’s an exemplary role-model for any feminine or spiritual entrepreneur seeking to offer and receive in ways that simply aren’t taught (or teachable) by the good old boys internet marketing syndicate. I love her, and I’m certain you will, too!
Deborah Skye comes from a heart centered, spiritual place that can be deeply felt and appreciated by anyone who connects with her. Embodying the perfect blend of both masculine and feminine energy, her mere presence literally raised my vibration to a level where I am able to more fully embrace prosperity and abundance as my divine purpose. I’m beyond honored to know her.
Rodney Washington,
After trying to get pregnant for 4 years I decided to work with Skye to release my fears about becoming a mother. My Soul Therapist Session with her was such a beautiful awakening and transformative experience that it’s hard to put into words. I was able to fully experience myself as a mother and to see, feel and hear myself with children. Because of this “sensory immersion into motherhood” it allowed me to breakthrough my fears and I conceived my baby just 3 months later. Skye super-charged my confidence and I took a fearless jump forward because of it. And our work together has trickled so far beyond my desire to be a mom. She has helped me become acutely aware of my divine purpose and my role as a leader for other women. As a result my work with my clients has deepened and has become more rewarding for all!
Erin Huggins,
Deborah Skye has supported thousands of women in awakening to their soul’s potential and empowerment. I had the pleasure of collaboration with her for the Nu Icon project and her spirit and resilience are not just a front stage act. She is a force of potent wisdom through and through
Renee Airya,
In my experience of getting to know Deborah Skye is that she is an authentic, gifted, thoughtful transformational leader. There are very few people in this world who are totally committed to being genuine gift-givers (who truly do give the gift of joy and peace back to those she is blessed to touch) and Deborah Skye is definitely one of those rare people, she is pure love, pure light and pure transformational.
Peggy McColl,
Her energy is infectious & she’s one of those rare jewels that’s always lifting EVERYONE around her up. In my early career Skye played a key role in helping me, mentoring me, guiding me in my online business. If your seeking to grow, enrich and cultivate your life both on a personal and professional level I highly advise you seek out guidance from my friend Skye. I sincerely owe a debt of gratitude and love to Miss Skye.
Shaqir Hussyin,